WeddIng SeT Up Part 4

So much to say that yes I have done a part 4 …This time I have attached pics with my progress ..
I now glued silver butterflies on 30 glass round votives ..this is the silver element that Lauren wanted ..
But of course it’s never straight forward with me ….
I do get asked why so much detail ..
Well for starter’s that why people pay me to create beautiful arrangements and with beauty comes perfection and of course with perfection all the little detail’s that make that piece special.

Another reason I love people looking at my floral designs and finding different elements within the design …The ribbon on the dowel not only hides the mechanics but it adds a finishing touch ..the butterflies come flat packed but rather then adding them flat I bend the wings ever so slightly so it looks as though they are in flight ..

And the last reason why so much detail is for all those people that have been to an event and got stuck on the boring table …we have all been there …admit it .. ..If only we had some interesting floral arrangement to keep us entertained .. I dedicate the ribbons, candles, butterflies and any other details to all of us that at least once in our lives have sat at the boring table wondering what to talk about..
No boring table’s at Laurens wedding!!!